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Whether you are an ISO, sales agent or consultant, linked2pay offers you the opportunity to resell payments to your B2C or B2B customers easily, allowing you to increase your income with an attractive revenue sharing program.

Our NEW lucrative referral program is unique in that we offer an innovative, end-to-end payment technology platform with full transparency to customer activity. You will know exactly where they are in onboarding and what they are processing once they become a payments customer.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing your customer has access to our best-in-class payment platform backed by full security, compliance, robust risk management and expert customer service.


  • Complete suite of seamless, omnichannel payment technology meeting your customers’ credit and check acceptance needs including contactless, in-person, online, text and mobile payments. For your B2B customers, we offer all payment options in addition to our credit application and invoicing solutions
  • Increased income with attractive monthly residuals and little to no administrative work required
  • Enhanced customer loyalty between you and your customer
  • White Label Branding available for ISOs and Sales Teams allowing reinforcement of your brand
  • Support & training so you can be successful in building your residual payments income quickly
  • Marketing Lead form allowing you to effortlessly pass the referral to us so we can close the business for you
  • 24/7 Dashboard access for transparency, customer activity and reporting


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