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  • Their customer service is simply outstanding, they answered all of our questions and walked us through the entire process. I sincerely recommend them, you won’t be sorry!

  • Setup was simple and straightforward and completed quickly, and allows us to accept credit cards and e-checks.

  • The technology is great, and so is their customer support team– they are exceptionally responsive and helpful.

"If you are looking to quickly set up more efficient, flexible and faster payments, then we would highly recommend linked2pay.

  • We were looking for secure, cloud delivered solutions that combine feature-rich and configurable mobile and virtual terminal payment acceptance options. We found linked2pay through TSYS Merchant Solutions. Now our technicians in the field can accept payments anywhere with their mobile devices and our team in the office can accept them in-person or over the phone. Additionally all of our payments tie into robust reporting that we can easily customize. If you are looking for efficient and flexible payment solutions that let you get set up quickly, then we would highly recommend linked2pay.

    Glenn J. Nunez General Manager Precision Door
  • Their customer service team is patient, personable, and remarkably helpful. Their response time is extremely fast and your needs are always a top priority. Being a linked2Pay customer means being well taken care of. I have the utmost confidence in the product and service they have to provide.

    Aubree Wilson Pike Place PDA
  • Thank you TSYS Merchant Solutions for introducing us to linked2pay! It has become one of the greatest assets to our non-profit organization! The ease and convenience of use make it an invaluable tool for processing and confirming payments along with the accessibility of exporting files. Added to this, their customer service is exceptional and helpful in determining our business needs.

    Diane Riley Missouri Professional Auctioneers Association
  • I was looking for a payment solution that was both quick and easy to implement, I have to say that linked2pay was definitely the right choice. Their customer service is simply outstanding, they answered all of our questions and walked us through the entire process. I sincerely recommend them, you won’t be sorry!

    Kelly Epley Never Stop Select Services
  • linked2pay has made the process of receiving payments from clients so much more effective! Making it easier for our clients to pay has cut our Accounts Receivable turnaround time nearly in half and given us tremendous peace of mind!

    Jen Maher Trezenbold

“Making it easier for our clients to pay has cut our Accounts Receivable turnaround time nearly in half and given us tremendous peace of mind!

  • At Douglas Parking we needed a solution for customers to make on-line payments on our website. TSYS Merchant Solutions recommended linked2pay to us, and we are extremely happy with their product. We needed a solution that we could implement quickly and without a lot of up-front development costs. linked2pay has provided that and more. Their user-friendly forms tools are so easy to use – I am not an IT person but had no problems modifying and updating our website using linked2pay online tools. And customer service responds quickly and constantly updates their features in response to our needs. In addition, the transaction reporting is easy to customize – we now create our own custom reports and schedule them to run automatically at various time intervals.

    Alison Minden Project Manager Douglas Parking, LLC
  • I can't sing enough praise about linked2pay. Not only did they set me up in a record amount of time but they went out of their way to work around my schedule to provide me with one on one training with their system. Their support staff is extremely knowledgeable and patient and took the time to ensure I was comfortable with the system before we went live. I wish I would have found them sooner as their customer service is truly outstanding. They have truly made my life a lot easier. Thank you again

    Paula Stano STANO
  • I run a small business and wear many hats, so I depend on easy to use systems to keep the wheels on the bus. I switched to linked2pay from a previous merchant system that was very cumbersome and did not have a slick interface. linked2pay exceeded my expectations! Their online dashboard is very slick. The functionality to create email invoices and web forms on the fly is the game changer for me. It has saved me a lot of time and my clients have a better experience when they pay online. I am very glad I made the switch.

    Dan Rollins LiveWire Films
  • When the OHS PTSA first decided to use linked2pay’s ACH and credit card services, we were completely unfamiliar with setting up a system for accepting donations and to be quite honest a bit “intimidated” by the entire process. But thanks to the knowledge and skills of the linked2pay support staff, after one brief training the PTSA ladies were geared up and ready to make their money collecting efforts a whole lot easier!

    Ginny Whitt Oxnard High School PTSA
  • At OrthoCare we provide simple solutions for the delivery of a full service orthopedic DME program. We use linked2pay to give our customers the convenient and simple option to make payments through our web site. The set up was fast, easy and included custom reporting so that all of our payments are easy to track. I would highly recommend linked2pay.

    Gordon McLaughlin OrthoCare Medical Equipment

“As an IT professional I can say that deploying the linked2pay online payments solution required only the most minimal effort.

  • The customer service at linked2pay has been outstanding in their ability to build our forms while I’m describing our needs over the phone and provide us the information to be live on our web site in a matter of minutes. They have done a great job teaching us to create additional forms on our own and are very responsive when I need questions answered.

    Jeff Mensing West Seattle High School
  • Accepting payments in my office is so much easier now, and my transaction reporting is effortless. I would highly recommend linked2pay to anyone in my profession.

    Conni Mattingly MA-MFT
  • Our patients have used linked2pay directly from our website. Their service is excellent!

    Anthony Giordano Cardiac Care Group
  • We use linked2pay to speed up the shipping process for our customers. We have many products that we ship on prepaid only basis and linked2Pay allows our customers to make their payment fast and easy. I highly recommend linked2Pay to anyone looking for a simple, fast and inexpensive payment method!

    Kyle VanOrder Woodstock Hardwood Flooring, LLC
  • We provide custom t-shirt printing and design for groups of all kinds. Using linked2pay we are able to offer simple online payments to accept credit cards using our merchant account. It is simple for us and for our customers. When starting up we determined fields that we wanted to add to our forms like ‘Organization Name’ and ‘Order No’ and we were up and running in a day.

    Don Kick impactShirts.com

“We use linked2pay to speed up the shipping process.

  • linked2pay is an excellent service for Tursi’s Lawn Care and Pest Control. It was easy to get set up to accept online payments. Their support team is great and we did not need any technical skills to get up and running. Now our customers can make online payments and they get a receipt immediately by email – simple.

    Andrea Tursi The Tursi Group
  • In my experience as an IT professional I can say that deploying the linked2pay online payments solution required only the most minimal effort. At this point I can add payments to any hospital site in just a few minutes. The linked2pay solution and their support is excellent.

    Holly Thompson UHS Behavioral Health Division
  • I am very pleased with your service –the follow up is impressive. This payment link is customer facing for us and I appreciate the professional and quick responses from the linked2pay support team. Thanks again for the excellent service!

    Bobby Parry EXP Pharmaceutical Services
  • We recently launched our new web site and added linked2pay as our online “Bill Pay” solution. It was a fast and easy process for us and we got great support. I would have never thought adding online payments could be that easy!

    Georgiana Hanson Tri-County Hospital
  • Transition to linked2pay has been as smooth as can be, with much help and guidance. Transactions are simply happening and reports are timely

    Boris E Gladun MVP Physical Therapy

“We needed a solution that we could implement quickly and without a lot of up-front development costs. linked2pay has provided that and more.

  • I do most of my business in the field, at schools, interacting with students and parents. Before I found linked2pay, the tools available to us for accepting payments could not fit our needs. With linked2pay, I have found a solution that works. It was easy to add my team members to our account to maximize our mobile sales efficiency, and now, we all have real-time access to the reports and options we need when interacting face-to-face with one or even dozens of students and parents at a time. The technology is great, and so is their customer support team– they are exceptionally responsive and helpful.

    Matt Baltes Memory Products
  • Customer Service after the sale is a promise linked2Pay was able to keep. They helped set up our online patient payment site exactly as we imagined. linked2Pay followed through and created a virtual terminal to meet our specific in-office needs for payment entries and reporting. Their flexibility has been key in developing a very positive business relationship.

    Lisa Dessing Phoenix Radiology PLLC
  • The linked2Pay support staff has been very helpful in setting up our account and working with us to make this a seamless process. The entire process has made it so much easier both on our school district and the parents who have an easy and convenient way to make payments.

    Alan Middleton Martin County School District
  • Based on my experience I would highly recommend linked2pay as a payments solution and linked2pay as a payments technology provider.

    Ernie Spargur UHS Behavioral Health Division
  • Their service is excellent!

    Cheryl Wheatley Midway Moving and Storage Inc.

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Our company has been providing customers with labels that meet their needs for more than 60 years. We wanted to give our customers the convenience of online payments. After an evaluation we selected linked2pay and are very pleased with that decision. It was easy to get set up and it makes the payment process simple for our customers. Their service level is very high and I would recommend them.

Barry Cosme Richmark Label

We are very happy with linked2pay as our on-line payment vendor. It was very easy to set up and they allow a lot of flexibility in the design of the payment screens. Having the on-line payment option on our statements. Many of our patients pay all of their bills on-line and this provides a user-friendly option for them. It’s also easy for our Business Office personnel to use anywhere in the hospital and it produces a professional-looking receipt at the time of payment, and emails a receipt to the payer as well. We have an off-site billing service for our employed physicians and they are able to enter their own payments, which reduces redundancy. We get a daily report listing all the payments, the accounts, and the demographics of the persons paying the bill (in case of refunds). We love this system.

Peggy Trachte Fairfax Hospital

  • Their service has been great and they have a personal touch. Having no prior experience with the back-end of credit card processing, I really appreciate how simple they have made it for me to get things running. Thank you linked2pay!

    Tanya Browning Great American Power LLC
  • linked2pay is GREAT! Using the online form was a breeze and the personal service I received from the support team made everything so easy. I find it rare today that companies provide this level of customer care

    Jill Futrell BFBH Rentals

“I highly recommend linked2pay to anyone looking for a simple, fast, and inexpensive payment method.

  • When you have been in business for 95 years, you tend to stick with what you know best and avoid changes unless they will bring a meaningful level of improvement – so when Mikel Richardson from linked2pay asked us to consider using their credit card services, naturally we were hesitant. But when he showed us clearly that we could save several thousand dollars per year and included their linked2pay solution to expand and grow our business without any interruption to our daily workflow, we decided to take a serious look. We can now confirm that linked2pay delivers on the savings, and they have been with us every step of the way to ensure that we get paid quicker, easier and at a lower cost. We highly recommend you look at linked2pay.

    Lisa Renga Renga Interiors
  • As an online national distributor for terracotta tile and other Mexican tile and stone varieties, it's important that our customers can make easy and safe transactions. We've found a good fit with Linked2Pay - our customers love it. It's a no-questions-asked type of transaction. Partnering with Linked2Pay has also simplified our in-office processing of payments and orders. A++ from Rustico Tile and Stone!

    Melanie Ocana Rustico Tile and Stone
  • As the Director of Technology at Imagine America Foundation it is my task to streamline our interactions with individuals and with the nearly 800 career colleges that participate in our programs. Simple payment solutions like linked2pay help us get that done. The support team helped us get set up quickly so that we can leverage the credit card and ACH payments functionality in a number of ways.

    Javier Icaza Imagine America Foundation
  • After we registered for linked2pay their support team built an online form for our website in minutes that was ready to post on our site to accept credit card and e-check payments. They also set up our payment reports to send them to us by email on our schedule. I love linked2pay already and their excellent customer service!

    Shannon Geary Pinnacle Pointe Hospital

“It has all the features you would expect including one-time or recurring payments, but the difference is how simple it makes it.

  • As a food service distributor, here at Favorite Foods Inc., we utilize the user friendly online ach portal to provide convenience to not only our customers, but our everyday operations. The continued guidance and support we receive has permitted a smooth transition and personalized approach to best suit our needs.

    Kelsey Abrams Favorite Foods Inc.
  • I would like to say thank you to your support team for all their hard work in helping me with my business needs. Their patience and availability has helped me to be able to navigate the intricacies of billing to simplify transactions using linked2pay. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    Chiddy Carter Guitarlina School of Music
  • Our company started with a clean slate to review and select online payment options for our communities. After our review we chose the linked2pay solution. The reason was that it is a simple and complete solution for us and our homeowners. It has all the features you would expect including one-time or recurring payments, but the difference is how simple it makes it for everyone. For example, we can reconcile our payments in minutes. Also, by making ACH (e-check) payments this easy, it saves us and our homeowners a great deal of money because there are no interchange fees! Their customer service is exceptional, so if you take a look at linked2pay you will see why we are so happy.

    Thomas Denzler GRI, CMCA Joyner Community Solutions
  • My business has seen substantial savings since we switched to the linked2pay gateway through TSYS Merchant Solutions. As a USC accounting major and Managing Director of a number of companies I strongly recommend them. They are service oriented and give me the time and analysis to properly make the right decisions, in a transparent way, on handling our credit card, check, and online sales.

    Jack Herschorn Managing Director The Sacred Space, Ltd.
  • Getting set up to accept online payments with linked2pay was very easy. The linked2pay Support Team worked with us remotely, so on our end no technical skills were required. Now we can accept donations online and anyone making a donation or payment gets an immediate emailed receipt. This is a great system and very easy!

    Joan Walsh Mater Dei Alumni Assoc
  • We used Linked2pay to accommodate our Homeowner Associations. The set up of the system was very easy and we were submitting transactions fifteen minutes after our set up. Our clients loved the fact that they got an email receipt when the transaction was completed. The staff at Linked2pay is very professional and there to help us with any questions.

    Don Wichman Giant Properties, Inc